dressler-block concrete installs concrete sidewalks

Posted on 06/26/2014 03:42 PM, by Dressler Block Concrete

                Sidewalks are an important exterior feature of a home because they serve as a dedicated pathway around the yard and to the entrances of the home.  Incorporating a sidewalk into a landscape design can also enhance its look by dividing the yard neatly into sections.  Dressler-Block Concrete provides concrete sidewalk fabrication and installation to the western Chicago suburbs including Naperville, Plainfield, and Aurora.  Their training and specialized equipment allow them to install custom sidewalks that suit the design of the property.

                The addition of concrete sidewalks to a home can improve the look of the landscape by connecting or dividing different spaces of the design.  They can be installed to form curving or straight angle paths and they provide a convenient way to walk through the yard that also prevents dirt and mud from being dragged into the house.  In addition to these benefits, concrete sidewalks can also help control erosion and direct water by acting as a small retaining wall.  Dressler-Block can design the sidewalks based on the layout of the existing landscape and with their specialized equipment, they can install the sidewalk in even the most difficult spaces.

                Dressler-Block Concrete begins each of their sidewalk installation projects by sending an estimator to assess the property and provide the customer with a free estimate based on the assessment.  A project manager then takes over the project and manages the entire installation process including materials, scheduling, fabrication, and supervision of the project and work crews.  The crew begins the installation process by establishing the boundaries of the sidewalk and then laying the concrete with their specialized equipment.  Their project managers have years of construction experience and they can be reached anytime in the process to address any questions or concerns from the customer.

                Dressler-Block Concrete offers complete concrete sidewalk installation services to the western Chicago suburbs including Naperville and Aurora.  Their crew can lay custom designed sidewalks using their specialized equipment and they come recommended by the City of Naperville for their quality work.  Contact Dressler-Block Concrete to get a free estimate on installation services for a concrete sidewalk.

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