concrete driveways from dressler-block concrete

Posted on 06/17/2014 03:08 PM, by Dressler Block Concrete

                When it comes to building or replacing a driveway, concrete is often the preferred choice because it is durable and quite versatile.  Dressler-Block Concrete, a concrete contractor out of Plainfield that services the Aurora and Naperville area, provides complete concrete driveway installation services.  Their staff uses specialized equipment to install the finest quality concrete and create custom driveways that fit the design of the property.

                Concrete is the most popular choice for new driveways because of its durability, design versatility, and easy maintenance.  Dressler-Block Concrete can install concrete driveways in different colors and styles depending on the design of the landscape and the preferences of the client.  A new, well designed driveway can really enhance the appearance of a home while also adding to the home’s value.  The work crews of Dressler-Block fabricate and install driveways that follow their client’s specifications and local building codes.

                Dressler-Block begins their driveway installation services by assessing the property to create a plan for the job and provide a free estimate based on this assessment.  A project manager then takes over the job and manages every aspect of the job such as the fabrication of the concrete and supervision of the work crew.  The project managers are available throughout the entire installation process to address any questions or concerns from the client.

                Once the project manager has completed the necessary preparations, the installation of the driveway can begin.  They begin this process by establishing the perimeter of the driveway and ensuring that the driveway has uniform thickness and proper grading throughout.  The concrete is then laid within the perimeter using the specialized equipment that allows them to lay concrete in any area of the property.  The project managers that oversee the installation have years of construction experience and will ensure that the installation is done properly.

                Dressler-Block Concrete out of Plainfield provides complete concrete driveway installation services to Naperville, Aurora, and the western Chicago suburbs.  They are members of the Better Business Bureau and have come recommended by the City of Naperville for various concrete projects.  Contact Dressler-Block Concrete for a free quote in a new concrete driveway.

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