my hookah products carries new exude hookahs

Posted on 06/13/2014 04:04 PM, by My Hookah Products

                Smoking hookah has really increased in popularity recently as many people visit hookah lounges as a way to unwind.  However, visiting the hookah lounge can become an expensive habit and one way to save on the cost of hookah is to buy a hookah and the accessories for your own home.  My Hookah Products is a provider of hookahs and hookah accessories and they have new small and mini hookahs available from Exude.  These affordable hookahs are new to their inventory and come in a variety of different colors.

                The mini hookahs available from Exude through My Hookah Products are premium quality and come in a couple different styles and colors.  All of the Exude mini hookahs are 2 pounds and 11 inches tall and have the attachments to accommodate two hoses.  The only difference between the two styles of mini hookahs is the style of the silver stem and they come in several colors that include black, blue, coffee, green and red.  These hookahs are very convenient to have in the home and are available for a very affordable $20.

                In addition to the mini hookahs, My Hookah Products has also added Exude’s small hookahs to their inventory.  These hookahs also have two different stem style options and are either 13 or 14 inches in height depending on the style.  Like the mini hookahs, the small hookahs have attachments for two hoses and come in the colors blue, black, coffee, green, and red.  However, their glass bottom pieces are designed with transparent swirls that incorporate more than one color.  These hookahs come with one hose attachment and are available for $45.

                The small and mini Exude hookahs are new products in My Hookah Products’ inventory and they come in several colors to suit different tastes.  Their size makes them very convenient for use at home and their low prices make them a much cheaper alternative to visiting the hookah lounge regularly.  My Hookah Products carries many different Exude hookahs in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes along with accessories such as bowls and hoses.  Visit their website to view their complete selection of hookahs and hookah accessories.  

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