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Posted on 09/26/2012 09:45 AM, by Naperville Maps

Seven candidates for the DuPage County Board in November held forth on a variety of topics Wednesday night at a forum at the Municipal Center in Naperville.

There was a consensus among candidates that streamlining government was a good idea.

Michelassi pointed to recent scandals at the DuPage Water Commission and the DuPage Housing Authority as evidence that some agencies were not living up to the standards expected by voters.

Chaplin said that she had long ago called for the consolidation of the Water Commission.

Curran said he thought the biggest success DuPage County had in reducing inefficiencies was the merging of the county’s housing of youth criminal offenders with Kane County’s services.

“It was a very close vote,” he said of the 10-7 board margin, “that saves the taxpayer $2 million per year.”

Curran made pointed reference to opposition from organized labor to the vote, saying, “AFSCME worked against it.”

One audience question asked if the district 5 board members’ current compensation was appropriate. The current salary for the position is $50,079 a year.

Khouri said she had no problem with the salary. Chaplin and Michelassi both called for a reduction in board members’ salaries, with Michelassi pointing out that the salaries had doubled since 1999. But Healy pointed out the number of hours he put in and noted that the actual salaries had been reduced in recent years.


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