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We are in the heat of an election year and the campaigns on the local level are just as intense as the national elections.  While presidential and congressional elections gain most of the attention because they affect citizens nationwide, it is important to be informed and vote on local elections as well because these officials are responsible for our community.  DuPage County is home to some proud communities and some of the best towns in the U.S. to live in and we can keep our communities great by electing local officials to the county board who have the people of DuPage County’s best interest in mind. 

The DuPage County Board is an elected body that has the authorities of the County that are not assigned to elected officials or other boards.  They are responsible for managing DuPage County’s budget and business and they have fiscal and regulatory powers in the county.  This includes planning and funding infrastructure projects such as road reconstruction, making the district’s budget, promoting economic development of local business, and determining taxes for DuPage citizens.  Any policies or programs implemented by the DuPage County Board must be financed with taxes and appropriating funds.  The County Board works with a system of committees that discusses new items before presenting them to the Board.  Special committees may discuss an item relevant to their purpose and present the item to the Board with their recommendations for passage or denial. 

The DuPage County Board meets twice a month at 10:00 a.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month.  These meetings take place on the third floor of the DuPage Center Administration Building in Wheaton and they are all open to the public.  The public is allowed 30 minutes at each meeting for comment and the minutes of every Board meeting are available to the public at the County Clerk’s office at the DuPage Center Administration Building.  The Board may meet for special meetings if one is called by the DuPage County Board Chairman or one-third of the Board members.  The elected members of the DuPage County Board consist of a chairman and 18 other members, three members for each of DuPage’s six districts.  District 5 covers the southwest corner of the county and includes all of Naperville as well as the northeast corner of Aurora, southern Warrenville, and western Lisle and Woodridge.  Naperville is the most affected by the District 5 DuPage County Board upcoming elections which is why it is important for the citizens of Naperville and the communities of Aurora, Warrenville, Lisle, and Woodridge in District 5 to educate themselves about the candidates to vote in November.

The Illinois primaries took place last March 22nd which determined our candidates that will run for office in the upcoming November elections.  The race for the DuPage County Board District 5 was especially close with incumbents James D. Healy getting 7,770 votes and John P. Zediker getting 5,799 votes to take two of the three available spots.  Newcomer Tonia Khouri won the other spot by coming in second in total votes with 6,771.  These three Republican candidates will run against incumbent Democrat and Board member Tony Michelassi for the three available District 5 County Board seats.  Information about each of the District 5 candidates is available on their respective websites and Naperville citizens should familiarize themselves with the candidates to make an informed decision on Election Day.  The DuPage citizens can help improve their communities by electing the right public officials.

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